Vulture Culture


What's up with Vulture Culture?

Vulture Culture - an online subculture and form of hobbyist taxidermy based on the collection and preservation of animal remains. It takes its name from the practice of working with animals that have died of natural causes, as opposed to hunting or trapping.

Why am I Interested in Vulture Culture?

Personally, I find the concept absolutely fascinating and thrilling! The idea that even in death we can learn things about other creatures? That the cycles of life and death will never stop for anyone? The fact that Nature will reclaim us eventually in one way or another?? I find it absolutely humbling and fantastic!

What are my Favorite Kinds of Animal Bones?

Ranked, for your convenience:

  1. Cervidae
  2. Canidae
  3. Felidae
  4. Mustelids
  5. Accipitridae

Wow, Table!

Why? I don't know!

Bone Idiot Level Cronchy Level
Skull 1 5
Rib 5 1
Spine 2 4
Hip 4 2
a bunch of different small animal bones organized on a table

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